Productivity Guru Brett Ulrich Shares Five Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

Brett Ulrich

July 10, 2020

If you’re working from home, you know how tough it can be to make the transition from an office to your dining room table. Productivity expert Brett Ulrich has some tips for making your home workspace just as productive as the office. 

Brett Ulrich advises choosing one place in your home as your main work station. While it can be tempting to just carry your laptop from place to place, you’ll want a clear separation between your living space and your working space. 

Secondly, Brett Ulrich recommends decorating your workspace. You’ve likely injected some of your own personality into your space at work, and you should do the same at home. Whether that means a picture of your family on your desk, some notebooks and pens in your favorite colors, or setting up an essential oil diffuser, Brett Ulrich says that you should like sitting down at your workspace. 

Next, Brett Ulrich recommends clearing the clutter from your area. This may mean talking to your family about making your work space your own. Brett Ulrich says that when your workspace becomes cluttered, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. Separating your home life paperwork from your work life paperwork is an important part of keeping your work space streamlined, according to Brett Ulrich. 

Brett Ulrich recommends making your work space as private as possible. This can be tough when you’re at home, especially if you’re working in an area without a door. If you can, use headphones to help you focus, and if you need to, close blinds or curtains to help you stay focused. Brett Ulrich recommends talking with your family before taking private phone calls so they know to respect your space. 

Lastly, Brett Ulrich recommends thinking about the lighting in your workspace. Natural lighting can be great, and lamps can help too. Your lighting should be soft but should keep you alert, especially if you often have to work at night. The florescent lighting in an office can work wonders in keeping you awake and focused, and it can be tough to replicate this type of light at home. If you find that you’re struggling to focus while working at home (especially when the work day drags on), changing up your lighting can go a long way in helping you feel alert and awake, according to Brett Ulrich. 

Brett Ulrich recommends taking inventory of your work at home situation and figuring out what’s working for you – and what isn’t. Working from home is new for many people, and it’s ok if you need to change your current set up to create a more productive space.