Brett Ulrich Explains the Benefits of Messaging Platforms in Ecommerce

Brett Ulrich

June 26, 2020

Brett Ulrich

Messaging Platforms Focus on Improved Customer Service in Ecommerce, Brett Ulrich Explains

Today’s consumer demands more. Research has shown that consumers want an enhanced customer experience. This includes communication with the brand even before making a purchase. Brett Ulrich, a Senior Consultant at Janus Technology, explains how messaging platforms can be beneficial.

Brett Ulrich explains that there are a number of advanced tech features that can be used with eCommerce. Messaging platforms allow consumers to ask questions. Popular questions include asking about product dimensions, colors, and availability.

If consumers cannot find information readily on a website, they will look to message the brand. If a messaging option isn’t available, they’ll often move onto the competition. Brett Ulrich identifies that having a messaging platform in place can improve conversion rates.

Additionally, advanced messaging platforms can be used to start a conversation with a consumer. If a person is browsing a site, it allows a customer service agent to initiate a conversation. It can allow for a relationship to be started immediately. Further, consumers can feel more confident about choosing one brand over another.

Brett Ulrich identifies that it’s important to meet and exceed customer expectations. In eCommerce, message platforms are an affordable way to do this. It is also possible to add to the platforms. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to create a chatbot. This allows for common questions to be answered automatically. It can provide answers quickly without having to assign a customer service agent to the task.

Brett Ulrich has identified that platforms have evolved considerably. Many are capable of machine learning. This can learn from consumers and what kinds of questions are being asked. It can make it easier to build better product descriptions. Further, it can ensure that businesses understand how the needs of their target audience is changing, allowing for improved product development, better marketing strategies, and more.

While Brett Ulrich has helped to deploy a number of programs for Fortune 1000 companies, he explains that many of the projects are customized. He explains that it’s all about learning about what the company does, who they want to message, and how much of the process needs to be automated. This allows for the right technology to be put into place.

In addition to messaging platforms, there are other ways to support eCommerce. It’s all about learning about ways to boost productivity and enhance the customer experience. In many instances, the messaging is just the beginning. It makes it easier to learn about other expectations.

Brett Ulrich urges businesses of all sizes to explore the use of messaging platforms when they’re involved in eCommerce. It can improve communication, build lasting relationships, and increase revenue. Often, it’s an investment that pays for itself because of getting to know the consumer on a deeper level.