Brett Ulrich Provides Tips on Managing Client Expectations During the Pandemic

Brett Ulrich

June 26, 2020

Brett Ulrich

The Pandemic Has Lead Companies Scrambling to Provide Adequate Customer Service, Says Brett Ulrich

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to fail due to their inability to manage client expectations. Although some say that clients need to expect less, that is not the best way to provide premier customer service. Brett Aaron Ulrich, a senior consultant at Janus Technology, recommends that companies work to manage client expectations throughout the pandemic using a few strategies.

Brett Ulrich suggests that the first thing a company does is to set clear deliverables. Many companies are adjusting the verbiage on their homepage to talk about what they’re doing differently in the pandemic. Clients need to understand that it’s not going to be business as usual. However, Brett Ulrich also identifies that it means that clients need to know how things are going to be different.

Companies that are thriving right now are the ones that are communicating effectively through all channels. Brett Ulrich recommends that companies err on the side of over-communicating with their clients to ensure that they understand how things are changing. Communication should happen on the company website, on social media, and through emails. When a client is directly impacted by what is going on, it should also involve a phone call.

Customers, logically, understand that there is a pandemic going on. They know that they are going to have to adjust their expectations. However, if a company does not manage expectations effectively, it can lead to a loss of trust. Companies, therefore, have to manage expectations, says Brett Ulrich.

Part of managing expectations is inviting customers in on what’s happening within operations. Brett Ulrich recommends that companies are as transparent as possible. This includes identifying where their product supply chain comes from, how timelines can be impacted, and more. In many instances, it is better to under-promise and over-deliver to ensure that expectations are taken care of. Otherwise, when the pandemic is over, the companies that were unable to manage expectations are going to be at a loss for clients.

People demand good customer service in today’s society, pandemic or not. Brett Ulrich highlights a number of companies that have figured out how to adapt. They’ve automated more services online to compensate for extended hold times on the phone. They’ve adjusted the way that they interact with customers to create a contact-less handoff. Expectations are not only being managed but also communicated to customers and the general public.

Brett Ulrich recommends that all companies pause to look at the way that they are communicating with clients to ensure that expectations are being managed in the best way possible.