Brett Ulrich Explains the Importance of Managing Client Expectations Using Technology

Brett Ulrich

July 2, 2020

Various Software Programs Can help to Manage Client Expectations, According to Brett Ulrich

Client expectations have to be managed at all times. When there’s a greater level of communication, clients know what’s happening and when. It delivers higher satisfaction and ensures that clients remain loyal to a brand. Brett Ulrich, a Senior Consultant at Janus Technology, explains that there are various technologies that can assist.

One of the first ways to manage client expectations is to get to know the client better. CRM or customer relationship management software can be used to track information more effectively. It can actually follow the entire life of the relationship, starting from lead to purchase. Maintaining history ensures that clients are being nurtured, explains Brett Ulrich.

Additionally, Brett Ulrich recommends that companies be as transparent as possible. Clients want to know what’s going on within a company. If the supply chain has been impacted, and Brett Ulrich gives the example of the pandemic, clients need to be communicated with. If anything is going to impact the quality that the client receives or the timeframe in which they receive it, the client needs to know.

It is also important for the support team to have clear standards established. It is impossible for client expectations to be managed if employees don’t understand what those expectations are and how to manage them. This is when Brett Ulrich explores the importance of using various forms of technology.

Often, one department doesn’t know what the other department is doing. Technology can help to bring the various departments together. This includes using such programs as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to ensure that data is being shared properly. It also minimizes the amount of data entry being performed within each department.

Microsoft 360 and cloud technology can also lead to a higher level of collaboration. Brett Ulrich has been a component of Microsoft products for years. He explains how it’s easier for people to work on the same project or the same document in real-time. It ensures that departments are aware of what’s happening across the company to maintain transparency with clients.

Brett Ulrich also explains that managing client expectations using technology ensures that clients are receiving the correct amount of communication. It will be easy to see when a client has received an email or a phone call when using CRM software. Otherwise, it’s possible that they could receive similar emails or phone calls from multiple departments. When such things happen, it can demonstrate that the company is disjointed – and that’s when the client begins to question how organized the company truly is.

Brett Ulrich has consulted with a number of companies, large and small, to establish the latest technology solutions to address managing client expectations and various other obstacles found across different industries. Brett Ulrich recommends that companies sit down and talk with a technology consultant to discuss what software can be implemented to improve operations and enhance communication.